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Create a customized investment portfolio

  • Diversifies over gold, stocks and ETFs, crypto, and cash
  • Earns interest on top of investment return
  • Is automatically and effortlessly re-balanced to keep you on track
  • Is backed by decision support analytics, using a mix of backtesting and forecasting

Simple 3-step process

  1. Choose your allocation. You can also copy other successful portfolios, eToro style
  2. Design your balancer. Choose the amount you want to invest, then connect to a wallet with either Metamask (for the crypto-savvy), or Portis (for the masses). If you’ve registered your address with ENS , you’ll see that name (and avatar) on the screen.
  3. Blockchain Defi magic then creates an UMA Synthetic, acquires any missing tokens through AAVE or Uniswap and funds the Balancer
  4. You now have publicly tradable Balancer, with the custom allocation you designed. You can also monitor and adjust both the Synthetic and the Balancer on the site.
Commodity Implementation
Gold PAXG, by PAXOS Paxos is a regulated financial institution building infrastructure to enable movement between physical and digital assets
Equities UMA Synthetics Tokens and derivatives to trade anything!
Crypto A basket of popular currencies, focused on your choice of growth industry: Large Cap, Prediction, Exchanges, Finance, and Lending. Notably including direct exposure to Bitcoin through pTokens - other non-Ethereum coins coming soon
Cash A basket of your choice of stable coins: centralized, decentralized, with a variety of base fiat currencies